One of my most favorite parts of being an actor is telling stories.

Every show, every film – each is the baby of a writer who had something to say.

Twelve Years a Slave. Woman in Gold. Forrest Gump. Gone With the Wind. The Sound Of Music. Granted, some stories are more *ahem* – sophisticated – than others (I’m looking at you Billy Madison) but it’s a story nonetheless.


I mean, don’t get me wrong…I like a good imaginary Mr. Penguin just like the next guy. Tally who who! Sabadoo!


But I especiallyenjoy stories with a little more — depth.

I didn’t really make a big huh-bub about it on here, but just a few days ago, BBB reached 10,000 followers.

Which, to be completely honest, is really crazy to think about.

I am so completely grateful and humbled that you guys would care to read my story.


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